DAKE Design is a collaboration platform for architects and interior designers to cooperate and explore the fore front of Generative Design while maintaining the spirit of the art itself.


      Empowered by the rapid development of science and technology, old concepts are being re-explored and new concepts are arising. With the easy, widely available use of personal computers, we are equiped by a new tool for the design process: programming, or scripting. The best feature of computer programming is the ability to observe, control and predict changes. In the conventional process of professional practice, we avoid making too many changes because the whole system of works and drawings would be heavily affected. Using parametrical design software and scripting techniques, we are open to changes because we only need to adjust some factors of the script and the whole system will self-adjust itself. Changes are just one interesting element of the process; we welcome changes by converting them into the form of affecters within the script to analyze, predict and plan the best strategy for our architectural solution.


      DAKE is investigating the potential of the Voronoi algorithm with associated multiple data sets and applied to a functional point field as a universal generative design process. Computational design research using case studies and fabrication prototypes will specifically question, if the developed design methodology permits the optimization of building designs through the application of environmental, social datasets and mathematical principles close to natural systems.