Parametric / Generative Design:    

                                                             + Visual Programming (Rhino Grasshopper) of architectural elements; establish, control & respond to changes

                                                             + Associative forms / spaces generation

                                                             + 2D / 3D pattern creation (building envelop or partition, space divider)

                                                             + Production process optimizing



Interactive Installation: 

                                             + Abstract art creation & projecting / LED board control

                                             + Automation of component using Arduino board and Processing programming language




                             + CNC Milling

                             + 3D Print

                             + Paneling and material efficiency optimize



3D Scanning:   

                             + 3D Sub-surface scanning

                             + Construct 3D models from scanned point cloud

                             + Refine and optimize 3D scanned model for further applications



Virtual Reality:    

                              + 3D Max animation & walkthrough

                              + Interactive first-person walkthrough in-game (Unreal III game engine)




                              + Exterior / Interior visualization

                              + Product visualization